Duarte Gonçalves da Cunha

Since graduating from Les Roches in 2006, Duarte has worked all over the world. His career includes five years with Aman Resorts, including an experience managing the opening of the Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, and two years working as general manager of L’AND Vineyards in Portugal. Now the General Manager for Hospitality Operations at The Haciendas Company, Duarte is dedicated to providing unique experiences for his guests in Salamanca and the nearby Duero Valley, Spain. Duarte’s knowledge of both the hotel and food & beverage side of operations is key to his success —  at The Haciendas Company, Duarte oversees luxury accommodations in historical buildings, gourmet food production and local dining experiences. As Duarte says, “People are no longer just looking for a place to sleep — they are looking for an experience.”

Duarte cites exposure to the hospitality industry as the most important experience he had as a student. “Even if you are prepared academically and through practical experience, you learn more when you work. Internships in great hotels set a tone on the direction you want to take in your career. That training is also a seal of quality for employers; they know you have a strong foundation.”