Other Educational Programs at Les Roches

English Skills and Global Experiences for your Hospitality Career

English Programs

All Les Roches hospitality degree programs are taught in English. A high standard of written and spoken English is an essential tool for career success in this global industry. If you do not have the necessary English level to begin your undergraduate or graduate degree at Les Roches, you may still start your hospitality education with us through one of our English language programs. Our English programs are offered at our campuses in Switzerland, Spain and China. They vary in duration from nine weeks to two semesters, and they are specially designed to ensure that you attain the English level needed to begin your degree program. Our English preparatory programs not only teach you fundamental language skills, but also introduce you to key hospitality-related terms and concepts.

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Summer Program Les Roches Switzerland

Summer Programs

Les Roches Summer Programs are an excellent opportunity for you to explore whether a global career in the experience economy is for you. Lasting for one to two weeks, the Summer Program is offered each year at our campuses in Switzerland, Spain, the US and China. Our programs bring together young people from all over the world, providing you with a uniquely multicultural experience as you enjoy a full immersion into fundamental hospitality skills and innovative business practices. Pick the Summer Program in the country of your choice to discover new places, make new friends and get inspired for your future.

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