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Learning Approach

Les Roches Learning Approach (Graduate)
The educational philosophy behind Les Roches MBA in Global Hospitality Management is based on a tried-and-tested approach that combines theory with exposure to the challenges of strategic problem solving in a modern hospitality business environment.

Every module covers the core competencies you need to develop in that specific area. Relevant challenges are presented to students who must take ownership of their learning and adopt the role of decision makers in order to reach conclusions and drive business forward.

Students gain an understanding of innovative and entrepreneurial business practices through real industry examples and case studies. At the same time, they are tasked with proposing their own solutions to contemporary business problems.

The emphasis is on dialectic, exploring options, defending points and exchanging perspectives — with information that is as incomplete as it is in the real world — in order to solve problems. There is no single right solution, but a focus on exercising sound judgment and developing the strategic leadership and management skills to move a team forward.

Your skillset is further developed by a business consultancy project that takes place in the second semester. This is based with a company in the region and requires you to implement your leadership and problem-solving skills in a professional context.