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Faculty at Les Roches

Your MBA will be delivered by thought leaders and experts in the field — our faculty.

The faculty of the Graduate School at Les Roches is made up of motivated and experienced professionals who are both subject-matter experts and gifted educators. With close ties to the industry, many professors are also active contributors to academic research and trade journals, guest lecturers at schools across Europe, and members of professional boards and government programs relating to the hospitality industry. Their passion for their subjects drives their enthusiasm and commitment to teaching and mentoring students.

As an MBA student, you will find that your professors are committed to challenging and engaging you, both inside and outside the classroom. From organizing conferences on campus to coaching students in international competitions and providing one-to-one tutoring, our faculty is dedicated to supporting and enhancing your learning journey.

Dimitrios Diamantis Photo

A Word from the Dean

“With over 30 nationalities currently studying at the graduate level and a very vibrant student community at the Les Roches campus, the Graduate School is an ideal learning environment, which enhances entrepreneurship and develops lifelong skills that are relevant for the successful careers of our graduates. Our students tend to demonstrate innovative thinking and a dedicated work ethos as well as a high level of professionalism with hospitality etiquette. I would like to welcome you to the Graduate School, and I hope that your education with us will be rewarding and above all enjoyable.”

Dr. Dimitrios Diamantis, Dean of Graduate Studies
Les Roches Global Hospitality Education