Les Roches Marbella

Learning Approach

Applied Project (Capstone)

The student will learn how to put academic research together with their specific business curiosity in order to create a capstone project, supervised by faculty with a relevant area of expertise.

Applied practical training: Food & Beverage practical: Service + Kitchen operation

Kitchen: The course offers students foundation knowledge in preparing food using all major cooking methods, whilst applying proper hygiene, energy conservation and wastage prevention techniques. Students will learn to appreciate quality and gain a significant understanding of raw materials. The course is designed for students to work in teams or individually to produce high-quality food in an effective and efficient way
Service: This module prepares students to work effectively and efficiently within a team to provide a timely basic banquet food and beverages service. In the ‘a La Carte’ operations setting, the students are shown how to provide a high standard of fine dining service, working independently within a restaurant environment. In addition, the students are shown the art of flambé, filleting, gueridon service and mixology, which will prepare them for any type of restaurant situation within the industry.

Program pending approval by NECHE