Learning Approach

Les Roches Learning Approach (Graduate)
Students of the Master in Hospitality Leadership learn through the integration of both academic theory and real-world application. The objective is to equip students with a global view of management and leadership strategies while empowering them to take ownership of their learning as they practice and develop their own skills.

Each course of the hospitality leadership master covers a fundamental aspect of business management, communication and leadership. The curriculum ensures that you gain a comprehensive understanding of both the hard skills (such as financial management) and the soft skills (such as conflict negotiation) required to be a successful leader.

Real industry examples and case studies are used at Les Roches to illustrate innovative and entrepreneurial business practices, while the applied research project puts students in direct contact with top-tier hospitality businesses. By addressing the needs of a business client in a professional setting, students develop their confidence and abilities in communication, decision making and leadership.

The Master in Hospitality Leadership culminates in the completion of a master’s dissertation, an in-depth research project that enables you to focus on an area of particular interest. Consisting of a substantial piece of research, this dissertation provides an opportunity for you to sharpen your critical thinking skills and demonstrate mastery of what you have learned.