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Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
in Marketing Management for Luxury Tourism

Les Roches Marbella, Spain

9–12 months (1 semester + 3-month case study + 3-month internship)

The marketing in luxury tourism diploma is designed to ensure that you master the marketing skills needed to advance your career in high-end tourism markets.

As part of this postgraduate marketing degree, you will have the opportunity to learn from guest lecturers representing the marketing departments of luxury brands.

This postgraduate marketing diploma consists of six months of full-time study, followed by a three-month off-campus case study and a three-month internship. The internship and case study may be carried out simultaneously.

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing Management for Luxury Tourism

The Courses

This course builds on the evolution of modern management toward a marketing-oriented understanding of business, emphasizing the underlying principle of the “marketing concept” and integrating concepts with regard to consumer needs, marketing information, product development, pricing, distribution, selling, advertising and promotion.

Providing the student with a solid foundation in using the Internet as a marketing tool, this subject follows the technical basics of how to create and obtain online information. The world is now online, making digital marketing channels and social media the most widespread, interactive and critical of all modern marketing tools. Any effective marketing campaign will include them in its strategy.

Bridging the gap between online marketing conceptual knowledge and its practical application in business, you will learn to connect online communication resources and develop strategies to maximize impact in the luxury tourism market as well as apply these techniques at an international level.

This course is designed to build future decision makers in top leading positions within the marketing department. Students will learn to analyze existing business conditions and to structure appropriate strategies and tactics in order to lead a high-performing organization.

In order to make well informed decisions it is essential to conduct relevant studies to obtain an accurate understanding of our environment, competition, customers, etc. The objective of this course is to learn how to research and produce relevant information on which to support our future decisions.

In an intimidatingly fast-moving environment it is essential to keep observant of any new developments that might present us with an opportunity or a difficulty for our current business. This course focuses on developing the sharp mindset required in any successful business person.

This course covers the creation of more comprehensive and captivating encounters with our customers. We nurture this marketing relationship by engaging their five senses and embracing the individuals as highly perceptive human beings.

Students will gain valuable insight into the fashion industry as a trend-setter in worldwide marketing. Contemporary challenges and opportunities, production and distribution issues, cultural and other current influences that will affect the marketing of these products will be identified.

The evaluation of our managing decisions is the concluding step of your decision-making process. A proper analysis of the results and consequences after the implementation of our strategies and tactics will be imperative to strengthening our future business resolutions.


Upon completion of your semester on campus, you will carry out an off-campus case study with close guidance from our faculty. This case study will last for three months.

In addition, you will undertake a three-month internship at a Spanish or international luxury brand management company. During this internship, you will also complete an online professional development course. This experience will enable you to put your newly acquired skills to the test and discover which area of the industry you would like to focus on in the future.

With prior approval, you may complete the case study and the internship at the same time.

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Silvia Valero

Testimonial: Silvia Valero, Class of 2016

“Coming to Les Roches meant breaking out from my comfort zone, and facing all the fear and uncertainty that entails. Studying two postgraduate programs, one in International Hospitality Management and another in Marketing Management for Luxury Tourism, required full-time commitment and dedication. It has been a very demanding path on which I have met wonderful people from all over the world, and I have acquired the knowledge and values that have enabled me to start a new professional life in a sector that I am passionate about.

Without a doubt, having Les Roches on my CV helps me to stand out from the crowd during the recruitment process. However, it’s the values – such as responsibility, professionalism and rigor – instilled by Les Roches which ultimately make me a successful candidate. In the world of luxury five-star establishments, those standards of excellence make all the difference.”