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Your postgraduate hospitality degree at Les Roches

Les Roches postgraduate degrees for career changers open the doors to success in the global hospitality industry — even if your bachelor degree is in an unrelated field.

Why Les Roches?

  • Acquire multicultural fluency and learn alongside a diverse student body in the global hospitality hubs of Switzerland, Spain or China
  • Expand your network through our industry connections and recruitment visits from dozens of top companies each semester
  • Develop your knowledge and confidence through innovative curricula integrating theory and real-world practice.

Les Roches postgraduate degree programs attract a large number of career changers — students who have a degree or professional experience in a field outside of hospitality, but who need the specific knowledge and skill set needed to manage hospitality businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, events and luxury retail. Our innovative hotel management programs at the postgraduate level also serve hospitality professionals who want to fine-tune their skills in management, entrepreneurship, marketing and other areas.

Our accelerated curriculum of hotel management, marketing and business administration courses will expose you to the operational management and strategic issues that global hospitality managers face today. The postgraduate program will fast-track your development of the critical knowledge, skills and networks needed for managerial positions in the industry. You will sharpen your leadership abilities and entrepreneurial skills as you become a confident decision maker.

Integrated practical projects allow you to apply your knowledge and develop your skills on campus. In addition, a professional internship semester is built into all Les Roches postgraduate diploma programs, allowing you to gain expertise from real-life experience.

Postgraduate hospitality programs and semesters overview

All diploma programs deliver foundational management expertise while offering a unique angle to hospitality gained from the location and the program focus. The decision of where to study will depend on your career objectives and the length of time you are able to commit to the postgraduate diploma program.

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Professional internships

Each postgraduate hospitality program features a professional internship semester, which you can carry out in the country of your studies or elsewhere. This internship enables you to develop your leadership and management skills while gaining valuable professional experience and industry contacts.

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The postgraduate hospitality diploma programs at Les Roches are led by academic experts and experienced professionals. Our world-class faculty will challenge and broaden your knowledge, providing a transformative educational experience.

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Learning Approach

Les Roches Learning Approach (Graduate)
At Les Roches, our innovative curriculum enables you to solidify your theoretical knowledge through practical application. Through your postgraduate diploma in hospitality, you will develop a strong foundation in business management and strategy. Depending on which postgraduate hospitality program you choose, you will gain in-depth knowledge on a specialized topic or a comprehensive overview of hotel management. And no matter which postgraduate degree you decide on, you will sharpen your interpersonal skills, leadership abilities and global perspective.

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Career support

Whether your aim is to change professions or to progress within your current career, our Career Development Industry Placement (CDIP) teams will provide you with dedicated assistance in preparing your CV, discovering job opportunities and polishing interview techniques.

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Maya Bichikashvili

Maya Bichikashvili

Chief Marketing Officer,
RED-CO Real Estate Development

“When I came to study at Les Roches, I was looking for academic excellence in an international environment, where I could gain knowledge of luxury business with students from different backgrounds and cultures, and a dynamic study process with a more practical approach and real-world experience. Les Roches has it all.”

Louis Doumier - Postgraduate Hospitality Degree Student

Louis Doumier

Corporate Accountant,
FRHI Hotels & Resorts

“Be aware and accept that the process of learning is not just academic. This type of specialization demands that you learn through human experience in an international environment. Openness of spirit and ability to adapt are essential.”

Natasha Tacchi

Senior Account Manager Business & Personal, Royal Bank of Canada
“I learned many life skills at Les Roches that easily translated from my hotel experience to the banking industry. Each day, I have to communicate with high-net-worth clients and the confidence I developed at Les Roches helps me tremendously.”