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Meet Us

Visit our campus to find out if a postgraduate diploma at Les Roches is for you.

Spend a day or two on campus to experience Les Roches, get to know our faculty and meet current students.
You can join a personal guided visit, an open day, or even a summer program.


You and your family are welcome to join us for an open day. You can discover Les Roches and our postgraduate programs through a campus visit, interactive presentations and conversations with other students, faculty and the management of the school.


If you are unable to join us for an open day on campus, you can still learn more about Les Roches through our regional and online events. Check here for seminars, fairs or other Les Roches events in your area as well as online webinars and seminars.


Les Roches summer programs take place at our campuses in Switzerland, Spain, the United States and China. Take your pick to discover the world of hospitality this summer.


If you are unable to come for an open day, you can still come talk to us on campus through a personalized visit. Experience a typical day at Les Roches by joining students in their academic and social activities, and meet with faculty and management according to your professional objectives and interests.