The world is your classroom

Professional Internships

Industry placement semesters provide real-life professional experience to help you consolidate what you have learned in the academic and practical semesters on campus.

Many students of the Global Degree opt to spend their internship semesters in other countries, enhancing their cultural fluency and extending the list of countries where they have professional experience.

The Careers Development and Industry Placement teams will assist you in finding an internship that matches your skills and professional development objectives. In the process, you will learn essential job skills, such as how to craft a well-written CV and how to perform effectively in professional interviews. Our dedicated professionals will support you to ensure that you find the best placement possible.


Your two internships provide you with industry immersion and the opportunity to test what you learn in the classroom. Your responsibilities will grow incrementally, enabling you to develop your business experience and to explore your future career pathway.


This is your first taste of work in a real hospitality establishment. The first internship exposes you to the operational working environment, usually in service (restaurant, bars, room service) or in rooms division (front office, housekeeping).


The second internship provides an opportunity for you to assume a higher level of professional responsibility. Work is oriented toward administration, project management and practical application of time management and communication skills.
This internship can be completed in any department depending on your interests.