The world is your classroom

Les Roches Learning Approach

Develop your business acumen, multicultural fluency and global outlook through real-world immersion.
Les Roches Students


As a Global Degree student, you will experience for yourself the diversity of international business practices and customs as you move across multiple cultures and contexts. Experiential learning will shape your academic and personal growth, preparing you with the agility to thrive in the face of real-life challenges.

Experiential learning is a practical approach to management education that exposes you to a wide range of roles and responsibilities within the hospitality sector. Through the Global Degree program, you will gain the strategic theory and expertise of a business degree as you sharpen your leadership and people management skills through the lens of hospitality.

Your learning will be enhanced by mentorship, industry experience, real-world business challenges and interaction with business experts. Meanwhile, cultural immersion in Switzerland, China, Spain and your internship destinations will develop your resilience and transform your worldview.

With practical hospitality experience built into the curriculum, your knowledge of industry standards and roles in service, hygiene, food preparation and safety measures will be second to none. Your ability to lead and manage any organization will be exceptional, based on your first-hand experience of these roles.

Experiential learning also facilitates the development of essential soft business skills. By leading teams in hands-on tasks, you hone the skills of multicultural teamwork, planning, time management, flexibility and problem solving, which are essential in any leadership function in any sector.


Experience the essential roles in restaurants, kitchens and hotels across cultures.

  • Service: Tackle the service challenges of working in banqueting, buffet-style and fast-service restaurants.
  • Kitchen: Learn how to run a professional kitchen and handle stressful situations with the guidance of our professional chefs.
  • Rooms Division: Practice the art of making guests feel welcome as you master yield management techniques and industry planning tools.


The best way to learn business is by doing it.

  • Analyze business case studies and current trends, confront real-life challenges and learn to take innovative approaches to problem solving.
  • Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and confidence as you pitch and build your own business concepts.
  • Define your career goals, expand your industry network and learn the nuances of doing business on the global stage through professional internships.

Immersive learning

Transform your worldview through off-campus learning and cultural immersion.

  • Take the lead in organizing student-led events and hospitality forums as you hone your management skills through experience.
  • Develop your foreign language skills and cross-cultural expertise through cultural immersion.
  • Expand your industry knowledge by interacting with innovative companies and leaders.
  • Team up with your classmates or go solo to compete in international hospitality events.