Build your confidence in English at Les Roches

Intensive Hospitality and English Language Program (IHELP)

Learn important hospitality knowledge while mastering English, the world’s most widely spoken language.

Our degrees are taught in the global language of business, English, to prepare you for working and setting up hospitality organizations across the globe. To ensure you meet our entry requirements, we offer IHELP, preparation courses designed to help you master the English language through engaging workshops, hotel workshops and roleplay. You will then start your undergraduate or graduate program with the English skills you need.

Program Overview

We offer two programs, lasting either six or twenty weeks (depending on your IELTS score or equivalent English test). Both courses help you learn through a number of interactive ways. You’ll work on real-life simulations, plan and organize a small event, and visit local hotels to gain first-hand exposure.

Our experienced lecturers not only tailor the course to your individual needs, they also teach you vital hospitality terminology. This will ensure you begin your course at Les Roches with the skills you need to innovate and fully demonstrate your ideas.

Upon completion of the program, you will take an Academic English test (included in the fees), before continuing on to study one of our hospitality management programs.


The course titles are the same for both programs:

  • English Skills

You will improve your general English, as well as your grammar and vocabulary.

  • Reading and Writing

Bolster your skills in these key areas.

  • Speaking and Listening

Strategies will be focused on and used to develop your skills in the two areas.

  • English for Hospitality

Gain key hospitality vocabulary through simulations of real-life hospitality situations.

  • Skills for Success

This will bolster your academic and study skills.

  • Culture and Tourism

You will examine aspects of culture and why people travel to reinforce research and presentation skills.

  • Hospitality Projects

You will organize a mini event, alongside other integrated projects.