Experiential hospitality learning at its best

Les Roches Learning Approach

Develop the business knowledge and practical experience for career confidence.

Les Roches Learning Approach (Undergraduate)

Les Roches Students : wine testing


Through the Diploma program at Les Roches, you will gain the practical skills and management competencies to start your career with confidence. Experiential learning is at the heart of your educational journey.

Experiential learning is a hands-on approach to management education that gives you firsthand knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of every person who will be under your supervision later on. You will experience for yourself the challenges faced in hospitality, including in service, kitchen and rooms division, and you will emerge with a deeper understanding of how to manage teams and businesses. You will also become familiar with industry standards in service, hygiene, food preparation, and safety measures. And through working with and supervising your colleagues, you will unleash your potential as a leader.

The experience of hands-on learning in the context of hospitality ensures that you develop valuable soft skills for the business world. Whether tackling real-world business challenges on campus or immersing yourself in the industry while on internship, you will need to take an active role in your education, and you will find that these experiences enhance and reinforce your academic learning. By collaborating with your classmates and taking on the responsibilities of a leader, you will gain key business competencies, such as flexibility, planning and time management, problem solving, and multicultural teamwork, and the agility to thrive in any organization.


Immerse yourself in the roles that are essential to restaurants, kitchens and hotels.

  • Service: Learn to run a real restaurant as you experience working in different dining venues on campus.
  • Kitchen: Learn more than how to cook — handle stress with grace and learn to run a professional kitchen with the guidance of our chefs.
  • Rooms Division: Discover what five-star service truly is as you take on front office roles and practice the art of making guests feel welcome.


Go beyond the books. Put your business skills in action and learn while on the job.

  • Examine real-world business case studies and learn how to take innovative approaches to problem solving.
  • Understand the business challenges faced by hospitality establishments by rotating through different roles on campus and in the industry.
  • Focus on your career goals, expand your industry network and gain real-life work experience through professional internships.

Immersive learning

Take advantage of extracurricular and off-campus learning to make the most of your undergraduate experience.

  • Practice your teamwork, leadership and event management skills by organizing student-led events.
  • Take the opportunity to team up with your classmates and participate in global hospitality competitions.
  • Hear from guest speakers and visit innovative companies and leaders to ask questions and gain industry expertise.