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Les Roches Learning Approach

Gain the business expertise and experience to lead and thrive.

Les Roches Learning Approach (Undergraduate)

Les Roches Marbella Students Restaurant

experiential learning

At Les Roches, you will develop business and leadership skills that will transform how you see the world. That’s because experiential learning forms the backbone of your educational journey.

Experiential learning is a hands-on approach to management education that teaches you through real-world experience how to execute various roles and responsibilities within the hospitality sector. Real-life business challenges, mentorship, industry immersion and engagement with hospitality leaders all enhance and deepen your overall understanding of business management. Built into the curriculum, experiential business learning ensures that you take an active role in your education as you master the skills and competencies to be successful in your future goals.

At Les Roches, your business management know-how is enhanced by your experience in hospitality. You will have firsthand knowledge of industry standards and roles in service, hygiene, food preparation, and safety measures. Thanks to your practical experience working with and supervising other colleagues, your ability to lead and manage any organization will be second to none.

Through experiential learning in the context of hospitality, you develop valuable soft skills for the business world. By gaining ample experience in leadership and working with others, you fine-tune essential skills in multicultural teamwork, planning and time management, flexibility, and problem solving, which will enable you to thrive in leadership in any sector.


Immerse yourself in the roles that are essential to restaurants, kitchens and hotels.

  • Service: Understand the service challenges of working in formal dining and fast-service restaurants.
  • Kitchen: Learn how to manage a professional kitchen and handle stressful situations with the guidance of our professional chefs.
  • Rooms Division: Practice the art of making guests feel welcome as you master industry computer programs and planning tools.


Go beyond the books and put your business skills in action.

  • Examine real-world business case studies and learn how to take innovative approaches to problem solving.
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and confidence as you pitch and build your own business concepts.
  • Explore your career goals, grow your industry network and gain valuable work experience through professional internships.

Immersive learning

Make the most of your undergraduate experience through extracurricular and off-campus learning.

  • Practice your event management skills by organizing hospitality forums, entertainment events and memorable experiences.
  • Team up with your classmates or go solo to participate in global hospitality competitions.
  • Gain industry expertise from guest speakers and immersive trips to visit innovative companies and leaders.