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Les Roches Provides Career Support

The Careers Development and Industry Placement (CDIP) team will help you make the best transition possible from hospitality school to your career in hospitality management.

Hospitality internships support

At Les Roches, you will be exposed to a variety of internship opportunities from your first week on campus:

  • Internship Fair — presented by returning students during the first week
  • The CDIP publishes internship offers: an average of 3 offers per student
  • Company Visits — 300+ recruitment visits take place accross Les Roches campuses each year

Once you have been offered an appropriate placement, the preparation begins. The CDIP will guide you through the practical steps to ensure that you are ready to embark on the practical stage of your hospitality studies.

Career in Hotel Management - Les Roches

First job support

The CDIP leverages its strong national, regional and global industry networks to ensure brilliant companies recruit our talents from the BBA in Global Hospitality Management.
The CDIP supports you in the following ways:

  • Application process, including introduction to hiring practices
  • CV preparation
  • Interview techniques
  • Advice on decisions around which positions to accept

More than 300 companies come each year to recruit across our campuses.