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Locations for your BBA in Global Hospitality Management

The Hotel Management Bachelor Degree program is available at two of our global Les Roches campuses: Switzerland and Spain.

The setting is different, but the high quality of faculty and the curriculum is the same. At its core, it is classical Swiss hospitality education and savoir faire combined with a global outlook and innovative business approaches.

Les Roches Bluche School of Hotel Management - Campus in Switzerland

Les Roches Bluche, Switzerland

Nestled in an Alpine village, our Swiss campus in Bluche offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurial personalities to shine. From the on-campus entrepreneurial club and innovation lab to student-led events like TEDx conferences, there are many platforms for students to take initiative, test-drive new ideas and get inspired. Meanwhile, students can enjoy a wealth of outdoor and cultural activities at their doorstep.

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Les Roches Marbella, Spain

Les Roches Marbella in Spain provides the perfect setting for experiencing luxury hospitality and the Mediterranean lifestyle. At our state-of-the-art campus, students hone their hospitality management skills while immersing themselves in Spanish culture. Surrounded by exclusive resorts, luxury retail and year-round entertainment and sporting events, students also have plenty of opportunities to connect their learning to the real world.

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Les Roches Marbella School of Hotel Management - Campus in Spain