Applied Research Project in Hospitality Leadership

The applied research project is a unique opportunity to apply your new skills and knowledge to real business challenges. Working in teams, you will propose solutions to management issues presented by hospitality companies.

In addition to testing your ability to put your learning into action, this strategic business project will also enhance your relevant work experience and expand your professional networks.

The applied research project follows a three-step process. First, the client (a hospitality company) presents a management problem to the students at the beginning of the second semester.  Second, the students research the problem during the semester. They design an appropriate strategy using relevant research instruments and critically evaluate the research findings. Third, at the end of the semester, students present the outcomes of their research and their solution to the client, who will critique it and assess its potential for application.

Examples of Applied Research Projects

Applied research projects form a vital part of Les Roches master degree programs. These projects enhance the learning experience and build confidence by involving students in authentic business problems and challenging them to provide innovative solutions. Final projects are always presented to senior management teams of the relevant companies.

Below are some examples of past student-led projects:

  • 2014: Volcanoes Safaris (luxurious eco-lodges), Rwanda and Uganda. Students studied the positioning, marketing and communication strategy of Volcanoes Safaris, a company running luxurious eco-lodges in Rwanda and Uganda.
  • 2015: Le Richmond (five-star hotel), Geneva. Students examined the impact of the exchange rate on pricing and ultimate satisfaction of guests (value for money).
  • 2015: Gleneagles Hotel (five-star hotel), Scotland. Students analysed into operational issues and proposed solutions for food and beverage operations (outlets, design, style and processes), as well as a master plan for a newly acquired plot of land.
  • 2017: Banque Cantonale du Valais, Sion. Students evaluated the level of hospitality offered by Swiss banks and proposed a 3-day training workshop for front-line employees to elevate the customer experience through the implementation of experiential hospitality elements.