Les Roches students and staff discover Premium Saké with a seminar and testing session

High quality (premium) sake is becoming more and more popular in European gourmet restaurants.

The low acidity, clear taste and its natural umami contents make saké a perfect partner to any fine cuisine. Umami is considered the fifth taste after bitter, sweet, salty and sour, and describes the savouriness or the long-lasting roundness of a flavour.

On March 14th in the evening, the saké workshop will introduce students and staff to the tradition and production methods of making sake, including an explanation on the types, classifications and other relevant parameters (like rice polishing grade). We will examine the concept of umami and will have an extended tasting of different premium sakés – including highest quality Junmai Daiginjo and a very special aged saké. Each saké will be tasted in combination with suggested harmonizing food, from fish to cheese and sweets.

The seminar will be held by Jörg Müller, a saké sommelier and certified wine consultant living in Frankfurt. Together with his wife Yoshiko Ueno-Müller, who also is Master of Saké and Saké Samurai, he runs UENO GOURMET AG, an enterprise focused on the importation and education on Japanese high-end culinary products.