Louis Vuitton visits Les Roches International Hotel Management School for recruitment


The hospitality industry is much larger that the traditional hotel sector. The company visit of Louis Vuitton at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management is a perfect example of how the hospitality industry has diversified. Isabelle Fleurot, Jane Palmer Williams and Nora Oettgen of Louis Vuitton were at Les Roches in Bluche for a full day to recruit employees and interns.

Louis Vuitton logoEach semester, about 50 companies visit Les Roches for recruitment. Over the course of one day, Louis Vuitton carried out interviews with students while the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel in London was also at Les Roches for recruitment.

While it is common for major hotel companies visit Les Roches to scout the talented students, the presence of Louis Vuitton was something new. For the representatives of Louis Vuitton, it was a strategic decision to start recruiting their staff at Les Roches, know as one of the best hospitality management schools in the world.

‘Hospitality in general is extremely important for our company’, said Isabelle Fleurot, the human resources development director for Northern Europe of Louis Vuitton. ‘The standard of excellence plays a key role in our company. The Les Roches students are international, know all about the different cultures of the world and speak their languages. They know how to deal with our clients and how to make the client feel special and unique. That’s exactly the type of persons we look for at Louis Vuitton.’

During their one-day stay at Les Roches, the three Louis Vuitton representatives interviewed almost 50 students in total. For some of them, a promising career wtih one of the most famous brands in the world will become a reality soon. The Les Roches graduates are highly appreciated by the hospitality industry. Each student has on average three job offers upon graduation, while 90 percent of the students have secured employment the moment they graduate.

Visit of Louis Vuiton on Les Roches Campus
Photo: (from right) Isabelle Fleurot, Jane Palmer Williams, Nora Oettgen and Matthieu Mioche (LRB Career & Placement Manager).