Les Roches Internship Fair

1 Mar 2012 | by Whitney


Each semester one of the proudest moments for the new HOII students or BSC S1s, as the case may be, is the Internship Fair.

It is our chance to show off what we did and where we went on our internships. As part of our internship assessment each student is asked to create a fact sheet about their hotel and experience, a report prescribed by the school and a display of pictures, brochures or any souvenirs they may have.

This is done in two batches and the results were amazing. We had 3-D models, glossy books, branded wines, sand from the beach in Greece, incense, music and various items from all over the world. It was a wonderful representation of the creativity of my classmates.

The fair is also an opportunity for the younger students to hear a bit of what to expect when they go on their internships in a few months. I very much enjoyed talking to my friends and colleagues to find out more about where they went.

Mr. Mioche the Career and Alumni Manager said a few words about the fair: Internship Fair prepared by Students after their first internship

Take a look at the Video below to see some of the displays.




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