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Careers in hospitality
The choice is yours

With worldwide travel and tourism growth and the rise of the experience economy, your degree in hospitality management opens doors to endless career pathways. In this thriving, ever-expanding global industry, it is up to you where to go next.

Why Study Hospitality? Top Trends in Travel and Tourism

Hospitality is a world of growth

The world of hospitality is all about growth. Whatever the world economy does, the hospitality sector keeps on growing. The travel and tourism sector alone supports 284 million people in employment — that is 1 in 11 jobs on the planet — and was worth 9.8% of world GDP ($7.2 trillion) in 2015. [WTTC Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2016 Annual Update Summary]

The sector is expected to grow 4% annually, providing 370 million jobs by 2026 — or 1 in every 9 jobs on the planet.

In 1950, there were 25 million international tourists. By 2000, there were 674 million. By 2015, 1.186 billion, and by 2030, 1.8 billion are forecast. [UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2016 Edition]

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New Opportunity in Hotel Management With Les Roches

Hospitality is a world of opportunity

Thought that hospitality just meant hotels and restaurants? Think again.

These sectors still provide excellent career options, but graduates can look beyond them to a wide range of other fields within the experience economy. These include:

  • International finance
  • Luxury retail
  • Entertainment
  • Conference and events
  • Spa and wellbeing
  • Travel and tourism
  • Culinary arts
  • Media

Hospitality is a world of travel

A degree in hospitality from Les Roches can take you anywhere. This is not just a reflection of the global nature of hospitality, but of the unique preparation that an education at Les Roches gives you.

It is an education that enables you to move around the world at ease and thrive in different business cultures, with different languages and customs.

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TESTIMONIAL: Les Roches Alumnus Cajetan Araujo

Class of ’95 alumnus Catejan Araujo discusses the creativity and leadership skills he gained while studying at Les Roches, his career journey across four continents, and his current role as Hotel Manager at The St. Regis Mumbai.