Here on campus, you are where the action is.

Join a vibrant student community at Les Roches Chicago. You are in the perfect place to explore the city — and your passions.

Les Roches Chicago is conveniently located on Goose Island, in the heart of America’s third-largest city. With Kendall College nearby, there is a large student population and plenty of social opportunities.

From sports and outdoor activities to cultural events and nightlife, Chicago is a city that offers something for everyone. The city doubles as a living classroom where students can explore and get inspired.

At your "home away from home", you will find


Les Roches Chicago students can exercise right on campus at the on-site fitness center at our student residence. Meanwhile, Chicago’s lakefront beaches along with Lake Michigan provide the perfect setting for cycling, running, rollerblading, rowing, windsurfing and more. Students can also join local teams to play baseball, soccer, basketball, tennis and other team sports, or take a class at one of Chicago’s many gyms, yoga studios and fitness clubs.

Student Clubs

The Student Social Committee (SSC) regularly organizes fun events such as cultural trips, dinner parties, cocktail nights, trivia games and other social activities. Meanwhile, the city of Chicago offers an enormous range of clubs and associations to suit all tastes, including charity and volunteering groups, language meetups, and societies for art, culture and gastronomy. If there is a club or activity you would like to set up, let us know and we will support you.

Social Events

Chicago is known for its Midwestern charm and friendly people, and the city abounds with opportunities for socializing and entertainment. World-class art galleries, theaters, concert venues, comedy clubs, nightlife, gastronomy and shopping are all at your doorstep. The city’s events calendar is packed with crowd-drawing festivals, art shows, parades and more, providing students with plenty of social activities all year round.