Working in Hospitality is definitely for me, but where should I go? Hotels versus Resorts

11 Sep 2013 | by Anthony


After a few years in the industry, in full time jobs and internships, I see that I have worked mainly in resorts: 4 resorts and 3 city properties. My preference for resorts is based on several personal factors: age, marital status, comfortable living away from home, traveling and living by the moment.

I guess that having both experiences, my preference for being in a resort comes down to what the guest wants. Does the guest have time to interact with the staff? Do they want to know more of the local culture? And more importantly, do they have the luxury of “time” to spend within the hotel?

When I was in Damascus, Syria, I felt that the customers were in a hurry to get to their room, they were in a rush to be served as well as they wanted everything to be available for them at any time.

By all means, I do strive for their satisfaction, whether it be in a city or resort establishment. But the appreciation you obtain in return from many clients in a city hotel is hardly sincere, or meaningful, and that’s if they even give thanks back.

For the regular customers, the return guests, you get to know their preferences and you can anticipate their needs better.

In resorts, I have to say that clients are there to enjoy their vacation, to relax, to unwind, and they also want to discover the resort as well as the surroundings. They will definitely be more inquisitive and approach employees and converse with them. This is where employees can shine, where they can express themselves and connect with the clients. The guest has time to feel how the resort lives and what makes it special.

I believe that a product can be replicated anywhere around the world. You can have the same hotel room on the beach, in a building, or even nestled in between the trees.

What makes the difference is always the hotel staff. We make the difference in our guests’ stays. And where our customers feel the difference is when the staff has had the opportunity to interact with them.

Being in a resort allows the staff to seize that opportunity and follow through with it, delighting our customers and bringing smiles and laughter to all.

Everyone is happy, even the staff. Isn’t that a great working environment?

Who would prefer to work in a city hotel after working in resorts with such breathtaking views? Photo taken at Banyan Tree Seychelles, 2013.

However, after working in fabulous resorts in Bora Bora, the Maldives and even the Seychelles, one can feel the need to return to a city to get back into a civilized world.

Being stuck on an island can be very isolating and after a while, you may get “island fever”. That feeling of getting off the island and seeing different people, walking into a mall, finding items that you couldn’t get while you’re in your new work place.

Funnily enough, you do miss it. You can definitely live without it, but it is nice to return to a modern world.

The other thing is that you are definitely far from the rest of the people you know: your friends and family. In the end, this is what counts the most and will most likely affect your decision.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you up for the adventure?



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