WipeOut! Tackling a different kind of challenge at Les Roches’ obstacle course

7 Jul 2016 | by Les Roches


Although we live in the middle of the mountains and there might not be a lot to do, Les Roches organizes many activities for students to partake in, making our time in the beautiful mountains much more enjoyable. One of these activities that was organized was the “WipeOut” event.

Similar to the TV series “WipeOut”, the Sports and Events department worked together with the Student Social Committee to organize this event for the students at Les Roches. There was an obstacle course set up with the beautiful Swiss Alps as the background. Refreshments were available to enjoy alongside music that was playing throughout the event.

The obstacle course involved going through a tube and then jumping on big red balls, which then led to a giant inflatable bouncing castle, which you went in through one side and came out the other end after climbing walls and ducking under hurdles, all while trying to keep your balance. Coming up to the last obstacle, you had to run across a pipe-like structure which was elevated and had a pool of freezing cold water underneath and if you were successful you could make your way to the finish line after running through the final tube.

LRB Wipe Out_May 2016 (6)

I was the first contender in this obstacle course, which proved to be difficult even for the fittest, but I’m glad to say 5 minutes and 23 seconds later I made it to the finish line. Although it took a long time compared to the 1 minute 10 second average, it was a great experience as I put myself to the test, and it was great fun at the same time.

LRB Wipe Out_May 2016 (7)

Then there was the team event which they had named “SwipeOut”. We were in predetermined teams of 3 and had to go through different stages against another team for this event. Each person stood on their own base and a rod would swing around which we would have to jump over, landing back on our base. If you fell off of the base you were out, and this continued until only the last person was left standing. I proved to be much better in this event than in Wipeout, although I did get Swipedout pretty often.

Overall the whole event was a great experience for the staff and students to get together and participate in something other than just schoolwork, and it proved to be a great talking point for the rest of the semester. I leave you with a video of the event for you to enjoy.

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