Wine Tasting Festival

12 Sep 2011 | by Pamela Calvas


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a great week and working hard in your projects/assignments either if you are a current student from Les Roches, part of the Alumni or even a prospective student reading this blog!!

On my side, I can tell you that I feel like time is definitely flying already and as deadlines are approaching I feel the need to work faster and harder. The Hospitality industry is known for this and it is in fact one of the reasons why I selected this field because it has helped me to become more organized and manage time better.

Having said that, I strongly agree that along with the learning, it is always important to have time to learn new things, attend workshops, presentations and see places where they show something new or important from a particular region.

Last Saturday, we had a great opportunity to go to the Sierre Wine Festival, which was a really nice experience for all of us who had never tried wine tasking before. The festival took place in Sierre, which is one of the closest cities to Bluche where Les Roches campus is located. Sierre has about 14,000 inhabitants and in the city you can do some shopping in the many stores, or find restaurants and banks. When you are a student in Bluche, you go there often.

Every year, Sierre becomes the host of the Wine Festival which is really popular in the Valaisan area; for many people foreign and local, it becomes really interesting as several wine makers come to this festival with their products, people attending can pay a small fee for the wine tasting and you receive a wine glass which becomes your tool to try several sorts of wines made by the different grapes produced in the area.  The producers from vineyards from the region are happy to explain to you where they are located and if there is any specialty in their wine. It was really interesting!

Check out how it was in the following video where I have posted a few pictures of this day!

Pamela Calvas


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