Les Roches’ Swiss wine expo delivers the WOW factor!

26 Apr 2019 | by editor


We gave it the big build-up, and WOWExpo 2019 didn’t disappoint!

With more than 250 attendees, including representatives from all six of Switzerland’s wine producing regions, this year’s WOWExpo was generally reckoned to be the best ever.

Here we present a selection of images that tell the story of this special day:


For one day only, Les Roches’ main space becomes Swiss wine central!


Although WOWExpo is focused on Swiss wines, its name is shorthand for “World of Wines”. As such, it always gives a guest platform to another wine producing country. This year, Tom Lloyd-Jones gave a well-attended masterclass on English wine.


A panel of winemakers featuring (left to right) Olivier Roten (Caves du Paradis), Gilles Besse (Jean-René Germanier), Ms Vicari and Marc Vicari (Domaine de la Ville de Morges) engaged in a lively discussion on the trend towards producing ‘natural’ wines. The audience then had the opportunity to taste-compare natural versus ‘traditional’ wines.


Swiss winemakers were only too happy to share their delicious wines…


… and the visitors were only too happy to sample them!


I want one of those!


WOWExpo wasn’t just about great wines – there were tasty canapés on offer too, courtesy of Les Roches’ team of hardworking chefs.


WOWExpo was brought to you by the amazing student organizing team, including Les Roches wine club President Pek Zhi Xiang(3rd from right).

Read more about wine club President Pek Zhi Xiang.

See you at WOWExpo 2020!



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