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28 Aug 2018 | by Les Roches


As one of the top three worldwide institutions for employer reputation, our Career and Recruitment Days attract the world’s most innovative and exciting employers. Our most recent was no exception, with over 70 leading hospitality brands on campus to meet Les Roches students, share knowledge and discuss opportunities.

Attending their first Career and Recruitment Day, were Camille Gersdorff and Xavier Rambaud, founders of startup hotel booking app, Triptwin. They spoke to us about why they want to recruit from Les Roches and shared some entrepreneurial business advice.

Triptwin – a background

Launched in 2018, Triptwin was founded by hospitality school graduates, Camille Gersdorff and Xavier Rambaud. Disappointed by the lack of personalised hotel services, they created a hotel booking platform that matches worldwide accomodation to a traveller’s individual profile. Camille and Xavier have a clear raison d’etre for Triptwin: “We believe a stay should always be a unique hospitality experience”.

The students we have seen today are very energetic, they really love the entrepreneurship vibe, and the relationship we can get with them is a plus.

Working alongside international hoteliers, Triptwin offers hand-selected hotels, all unique in their concept, design, location, service and values.

Why Triptwin are recruiting from Les Roches

Having only launched their app a few days earlier, Triptwin wasted no time putting themselves in front of the students at Les Roches: “This is the first time we have come to Les Roches. As we launched on the app store on Monday, we are looking for three interns by summer time and that’s why this is the perfect opportunity for us to be here”, said Camille.

Triptwin were in good company, with over 70 brands attending on the day. Employers tell us that Les Roches graduates are some of the most sought after in the hospitality world, so we asked Camille what qualities she thought Les Roches students would bring to her business: “The students we have seen today are very energetic, they really love the entrepreneurship vibe, and the relationship we can get with them is a plus”, she said.

Don’t dream it, plan it

With a background in hospitality studies, Camille and Xavier were perfectly positioned to start Triptwin, but getting the business off the ground was no easy task. They’re clear that a strong entrepreneurial approach and the willingness to work hard has been key to successfully launching the app. It was these essential employee traits that attracted them both to Les Roches students.

Structured as much for learning as they are for networking, our  Career and Recruitment Days encourage employers to share industry advice with students. Camille was keen to share one point in particular: “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan and always make it happen, and whatever it takes, work for it”, she said passionately.

The key to succeeding

When it comes to making a career in hospitality, Triptwin’s Co-Founder firmly believes finding your niche is essential: “Hospitality is a big world, you can be in HR, you can be in marketing, you can be in entrepreneurship, you can be in real estate. You need to find the one that you like and if you are passionate about what you do, that’s the key to succeeding.”

As a final question, we asked Camille for a quote or company value that’s influenced her career so far – she didn’t disappoint: “Do what you love and love what you do.”

Our next Career and Recruitment Day takes place on Thursday 25 October 2018.


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