Why Louis Vuitton recruits at Les Roches

30 May 2019 | by Les Roches


Louis Vuitton is the world’s most valuable luxury fashion and accessories brand, worth $28.6 billion according to consultancy Interbrand.

The company is a keen recruiter of Les Roches students, among them Daniela Dumoulin. A Class of 2000 BBA graduate, Daniela manages the Louis Vuitton store in Gstaad, Switzerland, while also being the company’s Woman Universe Manager.

“For me, the luxury retail and luxury hospitality industries are the same,” she says. “We have the same customers, and the only difference is that in hospitality it’s a intangible service provided, while for us it’s selling tangible products.”


The rules of attraction

What makes a Les Roches student so attractive to luxury operators such as Louis Vuitton? “Studying at Les Roches allows you to get out into multicultural environments. You learn how to be flexible, organized, and most of all you learn about the hospitality business from top to bottom,” Daniela explains.

“Delivering incredible customer experience is an art. What I look for when I first meet someone is their body language – the positive energy they bring. In our business you also need a commercial mindset; it’s extremely important. What we additionally look for is flexibility and adaptability – these are key in our business. Last but not least, strong networking skills are very important too.”

Daniela describes her own Les Roches experience as “fantastic”. She adds, “This was not just for what I learned, but also for the people I met and the connections I made which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

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