Why I Recruit Les Roches students – myhotelshop’s Ullrich Kastner

16 Nov 2017 | by Les Roches




Our annual Future of Hospitality Summit, organised by Les Roches students, always attracts a significant number of representatives from leading businesses. One regular attendee is Ullrich Kastner, Managing Director of online media company myhotelshop, who is so impressed with the quality of our students that he regularly hires them for his business. Ullrich spoke to us about why he continues to recruit Les Roches graduates.

Why do you attend our Future of Hospitality (FHS) events?

“I attend them as I love the idea of students organizing their own innovation event on campus, where industry leaders and students can interact.

It is super important for the industry to work with universities to give young talents a proper entry into their career. It’s also important to show them alternatives to traditional hotel chains.

“What I love about FHS is that there are no boundaries and that people interact without a hierarchy. In my company, I believe that empowerment is crucial and hierarchies prevent ideas from happening. myhotelshop is a technology company connecting hotels to the world’s major search and metasearch engines, like Google, trivago and TripAdvisor. We help hotels to move up the supply chain and save money on distribution costs. At these events, it’s my job to show students what technology companies can offer to them.”

Why do you hire Les Roches graduates?

“We started hiring Les Roches graduates 18 months ago. I recruit them as they are smart, passionate and trustworthy. They are very advanced for their age and fit the values of myhotelshop very well. They are always willing to learn and eager to take on responsibilities.

“We usually hire BBA graduates and they are very fast in picking up things, quickly progressing into regional roles of business development.

It is amazing to see how well these guys are doing, and I expect some of them to take over much more responsibility in the near future.

Would you recommend Les Roches graduates to other companies?

“I absolutely would. Our experience with the school has been very positive, as the school educates entrepreneurs rather than traditional industry managers. We look for risk takers, and this is what we get.”

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