Where your Les Roches friends can take you – An insiders’ guide to Vietnam

4 Aug 2015 | by Marco Pellegrini


…And then the school was over for this semester, but not me. Once again, I found myself with my backpack on my shoulder and on the road for a new thrilling journey to a land that I barely knew.

Destination: Vietnam!

There I spent one month guided by some of my Les Roches friends, who took me around to see the real life and traditions of this beautiful country. My tour was split into three main areas: Hanoi, Hue and Saigon, the main points of interest in Vietnam.

Hanoi… what I can say about this millenary city!

It is the house of many amazing attractions from the nearest university to the unmissable food district. And this tradition contrasts with the beauty of the close Hạ Long Bay archipelagos, part of U.N.E.S.C.O heritage, made out of more than 168 little islands full of caves.

Eight hours away from the current country’s capital, we found the historical capital of Vietnam, Hue. Heavily damaged by the war, it still maintains the legacy of past centuries with an impressive restored Forbidden City, home to the various dynasties that ruled the country in the past centuries. At this location, we also visited the war tunnel close to a desert beach and still marked by the crater of the bombardments.

Our next stop was in Hoi An, a little village by a small river that was simply something unexpected. The only vehicles allowed in the city are bikes; in fact you rarely see a motorbike. This location is also famous for its craftwork in all possible expressions such as tailoring or wood carving. However, the most impressive and magic experience was to witness the drop of candle water at night.

Our tour ended in Ho Chi Min City, known as the old Saigon, an example of the country’s quest to have something just like the western world, with a city characterized by the typical style of an European metropolis with malls, squares and cinemas. Once again I was amazed by the beauty, characterized by an harmonious blend between green area and huge local market.

I have to admit that at the beginning I was a little skeptical about this country, but it took me a little time to fall in love with Vietnam. I really recommend you come and visit!

Marco Pellegrini


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