What’s Les Roches Alumni Association about?

7 Aug 2013 | by katharina


When I first debated what to write my first blog about, all sorts of subjects came to mind. But for me, in my job as Alumni Coordinator, one major subject stuck out. Most of our students leave Les Roches knowing there is an alumni association but not many are aware about what it has to offer. Therefore, I thought it would be best to give a base before attacking other subjects.

Once you leave Les Roches, you are no longer a student, you are an alumnus/a. The benefits of being an alumni:  you have the chance to keep in touch with your colleagues throughout the years, to find job openings, to attend reunions and other gatherings, and soon to use our special deals category.

There are two Official Alumni pages that you need to be aware of. A lot of different sites and Facebook Groups exist but only two are officially run by the school. First off, our website which is http://alumni.lesroches.net This is where you can find all necessary information but you must log in to access to the site. Most importantly, please make sure to update your profile at least once a year, otherwise you miss out on important information!


Whereas, the Les Roches Alumni Association Facebook Page is about sharing important and interesting information with our Alumni to keep them up to date.

There you go, now you know where to go for the Official Les Roches Alumni. Don’t let other sites fool you. If we change or create anything new, you will be notified.




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