Esteban Paulin – Les Roches alumnus and Assistant Room Services Manager, Four Seasons Los Angeles

What’s it like being a Room Service Assistant Manager at Four Seasons Los Angeles?

7 Apr 2016 | by Les Roches


For as long as he can remember, Esteban knew the hotel business was “tailor-made” for him, it was in his blood and reflected not only his character but also his way of living. Since a kid he has taken pleasure and pride in serving others, a passion which came from his grandmother (a talented hostess) who invited him to cook with her or lay the table ready and oversaw that everything was perfect for the family Sunday lunch. His family transmitted him the value of “giving the best of yourself to others”. Even now he cannot imagine himself following a different career path in the future, with this industry being his true passion.

It was a long standing desire of Esteban’s to study at Les Roches once he had graduated from college, however he first went to learn his trade behind the stoves in the kitchen waiting for the right occasion to come when he could follow his dream to become a Les Roches student. At 26 years old when the opportunity came up to upgrade and enhance his learning with an MBA at Les Roches he jumped at the chance. A move that he is still thankful for as his studies at Les Roches were for him the best times and have changed his life.

Les Roches gave me the chance to meet the best hotel companies in the world in the school and interview with them allowing me to find the best fit for my personality and career aspirations

. He adds “I am very proud to have come from and represent the Les Roches family within the hospitality industry”.

In his current position as Assistant Manager of Room Service, Four Seasons Los Angeles, Esteban manages a team of 76 employees within 3 different departments (Room Service, Mini Bar and Pool). When reflecting on what his masters at Les Roches taught him and contributed to his ability to be successful in this managerial position, he lists thinking out of the box and looking for the best opportunities as key lessons from his studies. “Les Roches has provided me with the best tools to surpass every obstacle in life”, he says. The similarities he has found between Les Roches and Four Seasons? “To always give the best of yourself with a smile and to treat others as you would like to be treated”.

In align with his ability to think out of the box, when thinking on where he will be in 10 years, Esteban sees his future as an entrepreneur owning and running his own business.

What are your thoughts about Les Roches branching out into the US with a Chicago campus?
I think it has the potential to be one of the best opportunities and partnerships. Giving the opportunity and expanding the hospitality network beyond continents will be beneficial for the school and for the country. Sharing the knowledge from professionals in the field and bring the expertise from Switzerland couldn’t be a better combination.

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