Les Roches students a day in Milan Italy

What to do in Milan in one day?

7 Jun 2016 | by Guest Author


Les Roches students a day in Milan Italy

In April 2016, I went on a Les Roches field trip to Milan. Known as the best trip of the semester, especially among girls, Milan has a lot to offer. Even though this is the third time I signed up, I keep discovering new things!

Here is short recap of our trip:

6.15 AM: My multi-cultural family and I (representing France, Greece, Honduras, The Netherlands and the UK) gathered half-awake and climbed the bus for our journey across the mountains.

11.00 AM: Once we arrived in Milan, we decided to go against the stream of people rushing to the shops and headed in the opposite direction to China Town. Although peculiar, it was a fantastic experience to both eat traditional Chinese food and buy more ingredients to bring back to Bluche!

1.30 PM: We thankfully walked off all of the food in the beautiful Parco Sempione with a view of both the Arco Della Pace (arch of peace) built in order to celebrate the victories of Napoleon in Italy and the Castello Sforzesco, one of most important historical sites of Italy which now contains a number of museums.


3.00 PM: Our stomachs full and the sight-seeing done, we headed towards the Duomo di Milano; the main shopping area. With a huge variety of shops from H&M through to Prada, Milan accommodates all!

Duomo Milan1

4.30 PM: Following an exhausting shopping session it was time for a traditional gelato, or for people who cannot pronounce it (like me): ice cream. I love lemon flavor and recommend the gelato from one of the many restaurants on the shopping streets more busy locals than tourists. It was our first ice cream in a long time since Bluche still had a coating of snow!


6.00 PM: Once we had finished our ice creams whilst sitting in the sunshine, it was time to buy more food provisions for our five-hour bus journey back home to the beautiful little Bluche.

11.00 PM: We finally made it back! It was a long but very worthwhile day trip. Back to life on campus again!

Lydia Sandercock
BBA Semester 4 student

Guest Author


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