What I’ve learnt over three and a half years at Les Roches

16 Feb 2019 | by Madison Mussio


In December I graduated from Les Roches and said goodbye to the place I’ve called home for 3.5 years. During my time at Les Roches I learnt some valuable lessons I know I will carry with me throughout my life. Whether they were heartful, funny or crushing lessons, they are lessons that have shaped who I am today. Even though I will no longer be a Les Roches student, I know the school will always be in my heart.

Here are the top 6 lessons Les Roches has taught me:

1.Do not touch the hot plate without a napkin

This lesson comes from my first semester when I was doing service at the different outlets. Like many naïve Les Roches students, I paid little attention to the fact that the teacher told us never to touch the hot plates. I and many others like me have the burn marks to prove that you should never touch the hot plates while serving.

2. Despite our backgrounds, we can be friends

One of the well-known qualities of Les Roches is their diversity of students. I have made friends from every continent and know at least someone from almost every country of the world. Now, whenever I travel, I have a friend nearby, which I am pleased to say I have already used.

3. However, don’t be afraid to let go

Unfortunately, when you move around for internships and schooling, friends seem to come and go. Some you hold on to and others you will lose touch with. As much as I wanted to keep all the people in my life, there is no point if they will not make the effort or time for you. But it’s ok, it just means you now have time to make new ones!

4. Be quick on your feet to change

The night before I was supposed to drive from Barcelona to Bluche this summer, my car was destroyed in a flash flood in the middle of the streets of Barcelona. It took 3 days to get it out of the underground lake that had formed and my school suits, my clothes and sentimental items I had were gone. I cried, I yelled, but I knew none of this would bring my car or possessions back. I bought a plane ticket the next day, bought suits for class and started Les Roches again the day after. Nothing will ever fully prepare you for the future, so you might as well be quick to adapt.

5. Never stop learning

Its cliché I know, but it’s a fact. Going to classes, doing internships and online classes has not only taught me academic and professional knowledge, but also taught me that you will never know enough. I have already started to do other online classes and read informational books to keep my learning going.

6. Have a little fun once in a while

In my 3.5 years, I have lived in Bluche, Switzerland and Barcelona and Marbella in Spain. I have interned in start-ups and a 5 star boutique hotel. I was even able to visit 25 different countries on my weekends and holidays. I have met fantastic people from around the world, that I now have amazing memories with. When I look back on my time at Les Roches those details are the ones I remember, not studying for my final exams or sitting in lectures. Look up from your books every once in a while, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Not long ago, a BBA7 student told me in BBA 2 that looking back at their time at Les Roches it has gone by so fast; I didn’t believe them. Now I realize they were right: friends I had known just a few years ago are managing dozens of employees, have started their own companies or their own families. It does go by fast, but I wouldn’t trade a single second of it for the world.

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