Week 5- Traffic Lights Party

3 Mar 2011 | by Whitney


The Student Social Committee is run by a group of students each semester and organises various events throughout the semester to get students involved and having fun.

So far this year we have had Mufti Day – National pride and Valentine’s Cupid Service with chocolates and sweet notes. But by far the biggest event has been the Traffic Light party on Friday the 18th at CDV.

The concept of a traffic light party is green if you are single, yellow is maybe and red if you are definitely taken.

When speaking to a representative from the Social Committee, I asked why they chose this them.  Her reply was that they wanted a fun, colourful way to have everyone meet and mingle at the beginning of the semester.

Griffin- “ DJ Martin is going to play it Hard….hope people passout from his awesomeness!!”

The party had two different dance floors playing different genres of music. It had two bars, one on each dance floor and free coloured shots on entry, matching your status of course. Each person wore a ribbon showing their colours.

In all it was a very fun evening and we have to all give kudos to the Social Committee for putting on the first of what I am sure will be many successful events.

Photos by: Alexander Luboshnikoff



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