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Watch “The Global Experience of Studying Hospitality”: Around the World in 3 Minutes with Sarah

18 Apr 2017 | by Les Roches


Meet Sarah: a proud alumna of Les Roches, who completed her BBA in Hospitality Management with honors while studying in not one, but three countries. She also completed professional internships in two cosmopolitan hospitality hubs: Barcelona and Shanghai. In this new video, you can join Sarah to experience the “Les Roches way of life” in Switzerland, Spain and China.

“I chose Les Roches because of its global opportunities.” For Sarah, starting her degree in Switzerland at the age of 18 was the moment she really discovered herself. Taking on new challenges and exploring each campus, Sarah learned many of her most important lessons through hands-on experience.

We learn so many invaluable skills, such as teamwork and stress management, when working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Of course, studying in three different countries has other perks, too — like being able to travel and call three new places “home.” Sarah took full advantage of the opportunity to explore her new surroundings. Each campus offered something unique. Les Roches Switzerland was where Sarah discovered outdoor activities and a nature lover’s paradise. At Les Roches Marbella, Sarah learned about luxury resort management while living in one of Europe’s premier luxury tourism destinations. And at Les Roches Jin Jiang, Sarah brushed up on her Mandarin skills while gaining insight into Asian business culture.

Check out her video for a glimpse of the beauty of the Swiss Alps, the Mediterranean vibe of Marbella and the cosmopolitan beat of Shanghai.

Watch “The Global Experience of Studying Hospitality: Sarah’s Story”

Sarah’s global story at Les Roches may have ended, but it’s clear that her own global story is just beginning:

Les Roches made me who I am now. I am innovative, eager to explore the world even further and keen to take on challenges. I’ve become a new person — and I love it.

Les Roches


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