Why Vacation Rentals and not Hotels?

15 Aug 2014 | by Susana


Susana Puigmarti, Les Roches graduate from the BBA in International Hotel Management, highlights an important trend in the hospitality industry.

The Holiday Rental trends continue to grow. 2013 was a very positive year for holiday rental platforms or P2P, with increases of 80% in some European countries. The industry has reached a point where the consumer is really aware of the benefits of shared economy.

In 2014, the challenges of the hospitality industry will increase as the shared economy, as well as the major operators vacation rentals, have to form an organization to educate, inform and assist governments in establishing laws that effectively regulate shared economy and benefit all members/partners involved (consumers, hosts, tax collectors and local residents).

We only have to see Airbnb, 9flats, Homeaway, Only Apartments, Worldperfectholidays, etc… There has to be a regulation as the shared economy is a powerful trend and is the future.

I am sharing my last slideshare with you “Why Vacation Rentals and not Hotels” please feel free to comment as it is always good for everybody to hear what you think.

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