How to use tea to make a cocktail – 3 master recipes

17 Feb 2015 | by Pablo Andrés Calderon del Toro


Ever wondered how to use tea to make a cocktail? Let Pablo Calderon, our alumni blogger, show you. And if any readers have made a New Year resolution to give up alcohol, you’ll just have to make one for a friend.

Hello everyone! I’d like to share some recipes that I particularly like. All these little cocktails won’t need much preparation and I am very sure that you will love them!
green tea syrup
First let me introduce you to our Green Tea Syrup that we will use to make some of the cocktails you are about to taste:

For the syrup we need:
1.cup of granulated sugar
1.cup of water
Green tea leaves (if can be either sencha or gundpowder)

First we pour the sugar into the pan, with the cup of water and lemon juice. Then we mix them all and we bring them to boil. Once we get it all bubbly we lower the flame and keep mixing until it gets has consistency of syrup. Then add around three spoons of tealeaves and mix for a minute.

Once is done we let it cool down, remove the leaves and reserve.

Now lets pass on to the cocktails!

First, one of my favorites which I call CHAI MARTINI.

For this one we are going to need:
1 cup Masala Chai Tea (black tea)
½ cup of water
¼ cup of milk
1 shot of brandy


We put the tea in hot water around 85 Celsius and let it steep for 4 minutes. Then we mix the tea with the milk and brandy, and we serve on a martini glass. For decoration we sprinkle some nutmeg on top. You can add ice to cool the tea faster – up to you.


Our second cocktail we are going to call it CHAMPAGNE AND PEACH TEA.

We are going to need the following:
2 full spoons or 1 shoot of champagne or white wine.
1 peach
Green tea syrup

We smash the peach until it becomes like a puree and mix with the green tea syrup, then we serve the mixture at the bottom of the glass and we add the champagne or white wine, and we are ready to enjoy it!



And to finish, the easiest cocktail to make, I like to call it THE WHATEVER, and you will see why.

We are going to need:
Black tea
Hot water
Sugar or honey
Any alcohol drink

Like I said this one is the easiest one, we first boil the water up to 80-85 Celsius and then steep the tea for 3-4 minutes and let it cool down (or use ice to cool down faster). Then we add sugar or honey depending how sweet you like it and to finish we add a shoot of whatever alcohol drink you like it, and that is where it gets its name from 🙂

THe whatever

Hope you enjoy your drinks, be sure to let us know your opinion!

Pablo Andrés Calderon del Toro


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