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Les Roches alumnus launches unique data analytics company

17 Sep 2018 | by Les Roches


Name: Philip Kuchelmeister
Graduation year: 2009
Nationality: German
Program: BBA Revenue Management
Current position: CEO and Founder of Hotellistat

Moving from the world of air and space engineering into the hotel industry may not be the natural career path for some. For Philip Kuchelmeister, however, it made sense – he used his technological background to boost his hospitality career, and now combines the two via his own established company, Hotellistat. 

Philip’s passion for hospitality stemmed from conducting some work experience. “After studying Air and Space Engineering at Technical University Munich, I spent time working at five-star resorts. I found it so much fun.” After completing an apprenticeship, Philip decided it was time to boost his hospitality knowledge further. “After a short check for the best places to study at, I made the decision to study at Les Roches very quickly.

Initially, Philip harboured dreams of becoming a General Manager. “After joining the Head Office of Kempinski in 2009, I wanted to become a GM and therefore went back into operations as a Rooms Management Trainee in 2010,” he said. “After a short while, I realised that revenue and reservations management was the perfect combination of technology and hotels. I specialised in this division and prior to leaving Kempinski I was Director of Revenue for two of their hotels.”

Hotellistat is made for hoteliers by hoteliers, with a great focus on what a hotel really needs – easy access to interpreted data

Becoming an entrepreneur

Working in revenue and reservations exposed to Philip a lack of quality data processes. “As I was very experienced within IT, I was able to contribute a lot to facilitate data processes,” he explained. “With this knowledge in mind, I founded Hotellistat, a system to facilitate the life of a revenue manager.”

Hotellistat was launched in October 2016. “Hotellistat is made for hoteliers by hoteliers, with a great focus on what a hotel really needs – easy access to interpreted data,” Philip said. “Business intelligence is not large spreadsheets – it’s the solution and result of data processing. This is what we do for hotels to optimise their market positioning, show opportunities and save cost, all while using an all-in-one system.”

How important is data to hotels?

According to Philip, very. “Data is a hotel’s treasure,” he said. “They have to use this goldmine to increase performance and give guests perfect service. With technology such an important part of our lives, the guest expects a personalised approach, even if the hotel has thousands of clients every year.”

Philip’s efforts with Hotellistat have not gone unnoticed. He recently was among the top five Best Newcomer Startups, an award presented by the IHA Hotelverband Deutschland. Philip feels Hotellistat offers something fresh. “Hotellistat shows a totally new approach,” he said. “Holistic data combination offers more insights. Our customers all around Europe have realised this already and are trusting us and spread the news. This makes Hotellistat unique.”

Philip advises everyone to “stay up to date with technology, as missing out on this development might set you back years.” Furthermore, he has one final important piece of information to give. “Everyone contacting us with the slogan Les Roches – a way of life gets a 15 per cent discount on a one-year contract!”

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