Travelling – a growing interest

9 Apr 2012 | by Therese


Born and raised in Malmoe, Sweden, my great exploration of the world was limited to the yearly family trips to Mallorca, the Greek islands and, yeah, Mallorca. As I grew up, my interest in travelling grew as well and I was taking more and more trips with my friends. We explored Turkey, Gran Canarias, and I can honestly say that I have seen the Alps from all sides and all countries.

Marmaris, Turkey, by night

My first trip outside of Europe was in 2006, when I was 17 years old, when I went to Marmaris, Turkey with a couple of my friends. I still can’t believe that my parents let me go, I think they are still questioning it to be honest. The most amazing thing with this trip was that it was so random. I remember it was a typical Swedish summer in Malmoe, rain, rain and an average of 15 °C. I was walking in town with my mother and passed by the travel agent and saw that they had insanely low prices to Turkey. Called 3 of my friends and the next day we were in the airport waiting to board a plane to Antalya, Turkey. We spent most of our days on the beach, snorkeling and tanning. The nights were spent in the clubs.

Amazing outdoor clubs and bars that I still haven’t found anywhere else. During this trip I went to my first Hammam, I have never been that smooth since. After you come out from the bath they give you a full body massage with pure olive oil, amazing, but I was slippery like a soap for a week. I have been to Turkey two times after this and I can highly recommend it. You have everything there, cheap shopping, good food, amazing weather and a rich culture. I could go back any day!

My first ski-vacation is also a very found memory of mine. As you might have understood my parents are more of the beach-vacation types and when I was 16 years old I went with my friends to Alpe d’huez in France for my first winter vacation. 2 girls and 5 guys on a bus trip through Europe, très intéressant. This was the first time I stood on a pair of skis and I still have nightmares about ski-school. I remember blaming my parents for not teaching me how to ski when I was 5 years old; it is just such a struggle to learn after you develop full functioning reasoning skills. Any who, 7 years later I am working and living in Aspen, United States and skiing is taking up most of my time, I love it. I guess it is never too late to learn, you just need a different mindset and a lot of Advil.

Tour Guide “Good by-show”

The trip that I am most proud of taking is my trip to Bad Gastein, Austria where I went to become a Tour Guide. This was the same year I finished High School and I was very comfortable in my living situation and life in general but something was missing. Looking back I think that I was somewhat bored with my life and needed an adventure. So without anyone knowing I applied to a Tour Guide course in the Austrian Alps. Everyone was so chocked that I was going, since I was a very quiet and shy girl, but believe me when I tell you that it was a completely different Therese that came back. I don’t think that anyone that knows me today would describe me as quiet or shy.
This is one of the most intense trips I have ever taken. We slept in general 3 hours per night, went skiing and slope guiding all day and then we had different activities and parties every night and no one was allowed to go to bed before 2am. It was hard but I am so proud of myself for taking that course and to be honest I think this was the time when I discovered that I want to do this as a profession. I want to travel the world, work with people and create amazing experiences for them that they will always remember.

Today I have travelled through most of the European countries, explored the Middle East and am now taking over North America. My goal is to travel all of the continents so I believe that next stop will either be Asia, Australia or Africa. I can’t wait!





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