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24 Sep 2010 | by Pamela Calvas


Before coming to Les Roches, I had heard a lot about all of the advantages of living and studying in Switzerland.  Its geographical central position and the well-developed transportation system make Switzerland very accessible for everyone who wants to travel both within the country and to other European cities.

I have mentioned several times before about the beauty of the area where the school is, but my first trip out of Valais to a big city was really amazing. First of all, I had to start by visiting somewhere important in Switzerland that I had cherished for a long time…  Zurich!  I had heard so much about the city and had actually met so many people from there in the past that I could not believe it when I actually got there.

From Les Roches in Bluche, it only takes approximately 2 hours to get to Zurich by train if the times you pick have precise connections, and in fact most of them do. This is something that I need to highlight because the organization makes it so easy to travel by train, also the school highly recommends in the beginning of the semester that  every student gets either a half price card or/and an “after 7” card. Accordingly, these cards allow students to pay half-price fares in all the funicular, train and bus transportation, and the advantage of having the “after 7 card” is that you don’t pay anything for any rides taken after 7pm at night! This makes the travelling a lot cheaper, no matter where you go within La Suisse.

Although the city of Bern is the capital, Zurich is the largest and it is also recognized for having one of the world’s largest financial centers.

When my sister and I got there, the weather was amazing.  We were able to take a walk along the main station street, “Bahnhofstrasse” and visit several stores.  One of which I loved because it has the best Swiss handmade chocolate!

The old town in Zurich is so charming, lots of beautiful architecture, several churches and their cobblestoned, car-free walking streets add a pleasant touch to this part of the city.

There is a main river that sort of divides the city and its bridges in between are wonderful with very interesting buildings and houses on each side.  Also different brasseries and restaurants with international food can be found throughout the entire city, and you can go by foot everywhere.

Also, here the transportation within the city is mainly by trams that drive around all over and are quite regular too. Thanks to these trams, you can get from one place to another in almost no time.  One part that you shouldn’t miss is of course the Zurich lake, it is pretty large and people get together here for swimming when there is good weather or taking long walks along the lake.

During the weekend that we were there we really felt like we needed more time to see everything else,  and we cant wait to come back! I look forward to the rest of cities in Switzerland, after this experience it will just get easier to travel next time!


Pamela Calvas


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