Les Roches Top Hotel Management School event organization by bachelor and MBA program students

Throwing open the classroom doors – a different way of learning

30 Apr 2014 | by Spencer Ong


Everyone knows that we learn much better by doing something, than by reading or hearing about it.

Les Roches’ unique approach to its business degrees goes beyond a traditional university education experience. It builds in experiential learning, which means that students on the hotel management business degrees get plenty of opportunity to put their skills into practice.

While concepts taught are generally explained using hotel analogies, students learn a great deal via practicals.  For example, we learn restaurant expertise and know-how through serving our peers on campus restaurants.  We take professional internships during the course of our studies which consolidate our skill sets in a real-life setting.

And we get to organize a lot of events that are fun and build our expertise at the same time.

The BSc and BBA Event

Les Roches Top Hotel Management School event organization by bachelor and MBA program studentsOne event held by a group of soon-to-be-graduates of the BSc and BBA programs was a function that took advantage of the Les Roches location.

These students created the Alpine Challenge & Funky Fur, a ski competition that included students from one of our sister schools, Glion.

In addition to being a postcard kind of day in the Swiss Alps, competitors sped down the mountain in Halloween-type costumes such as lion and penguin outfits to make the day evenmore picturesque. It was a super success!

The PGD Event

Les Roches Top Hotel Management School event organization by bachelor and MBA program studentsOur postgraduate students have a class project each year, where they host an event of their choice, including dinner and entertainment.

This year the theme is Saints and Sinners. Different than years past, students were not allotted a budget this time; they had to raise funds on their own.

The elected Sales and Marketing Team hosted a pre-party in order to achieve the funds necessary. After surpassing their expectations from the fundraiser, the school is excited to see the outcome of their final project.

An MBA Opportunity

Les Roches Top Hotel Management School event organization by bachelor and MBA program studentsMBA2 students also have an opportunity of a lifetime.

We are in frequent communication with the sales director and other department heads at the Beau Rivage Palace, the most well-known hotel in Lausanne, and a top-ranked hotel in Switzerland.

Our purpose is to act as a consultancy group and suggest strategies to implement, because it will be facing the threat of new entry in 2015. Through extensive research, confidential information, and multiple group meetings, what we make of this opportunity is in our hands.

We are challenged with a real-world scenario, and are providing feedback to masters of the industry. However, our class is full of creative thinkers with a young generational mindset that conflicts with the Beau Rivage Palace style. Hence, I am confident we will suggest both functional strategies that will also provide the management team with the confidence and the means they need to succeed against future competition.

Thanks to Les Roches

The point of this article is not only to applaud the hard work and success of past events, but it is to recognize the opportunities placed before the students at Les Roches. The really amazing thing, in my opinion, is not only the outcome of an event. Instead, it is the opportunity that forces students to think creatively and make something happen that they would, otherwise, likely not have the ability to try. For me, it is an appreciable experience to witness the performance of my peers, especially as it magnifies the spirit of our school.

Spencer Ong


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