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3 May 2016 | by Les Roches


SeungHo Lee graduated from Les Roches Switzerland in December 2015. After graduation, he went on to manage his own media production company VFAR in his native South Korea.

“At VFAR, we produce audiovisual content for advertising, fashion shows, music videos and documentaries. We started the company when I was a HO3 student at Les Roches together with my friend and director, whom I have known since the first semester.”

During his time as a student at Les Roches, SeungHo produced a short video documentary on the practical learning courses, where first-year students learn the basic operational skills in kitchen, service and rooms division.

Of his education at Les Roches, SeungHo says:

Even though Les Roches is a hotel management school, the overall curriculum prepares graduates to succeed professionally in many different areas of the hospitality industry. I applied general management skills such as planning, budgeting, scheduling, relationship management, etc. to the film industry in my role as producer for VFAR.

Especially the Entrepreneurship specialization in my final semesters has been a great help. It was here that I acquired the knowledge in administrative management necessary to set up and run my own business.”

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