The Torchlight Descent

19 Mar 2014 | by Catherine Demont


Living and studying near a world-famous ski resort has many benefits, and last month’s event was just one of them. To celebrate the opening of the Audi FIS Coupe Du Monde Dames (Women’s Skiing World Cup) being held in Crans Montana, we citizens of the area took part in a huge night-time torchlight descent.

The Les Roches Sports Coordinator had organised a few minibuses to transport us keen skiers and snowboarders from the campus to the ski lift, where we travelled up the mountain to Chetzeron, Crans Montana’s latest upscale restaurant at the top of the slopes.

Here we shared several beers (for extra warmth, of course) with our friends, met some of the other participants from the Crans Montana Ski Schools and beyond, and enjoyed the music provided by the DJ whose decks were rigged up to a snow plough!

Around 6:30pm, the descent began. We were all assembled at the top of slopes, and given our flaming torches. By this time, it was dark and snowing quite heavily; the ride down was going to be a challenge. I soon realised I should have used my common sense and not brought my ski poles, as I ended up have to juggle my torch and poles between hands.

Away we went, assuming a beautiful luminescent line of 1297 people snaking down the mountain. I heard that when the first person reached the bottom of the 3km, the last person still hadn’t left the starting line.

It took me and my friends around 20 minutes to reach the bottom, where thankfully awaiting us was a pretty wild party at our favourite après-ski bar, Zerodix. The celebrations were great fun, and brought together those who had taken part, as well as many other students joining just for the after party. It’s no secret that Zerodix has been this winter’s spot for a good party, where the Les Roches atmosphere is transported to the slopes. This was possibly the highlight of the season!

Catherine Demont


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