MBA in Marketing class

The takeaways of my MBA in Marketing

1 Dec 2015 | by Jezebel Khoo Yin Xue


Jezebel is about to complete her MBA in hospitality management. In this article she reflects on her decision to take the marketing specialization and highlights some of the key lessons she learnt.

A couple of months ago, I was just writing about my life as an MBA student at Les Roches and in the blink of an eye, I have come to the time where I have to say goodbye.

I’ve got mixed feelings – while I am excited to go back to Asia to develop my career, I know I am going to miss everything here.

At the start of this semester, the class of 22 students split into the marketing and finance specializations with a view to developing specialized skills in these distinct areas.

Coming from a finance background, and still being passionate about it, I decided to take the marketing specialization instead. Having only a couple of modules’ knowledge about it previously from my bachelor programme back in Singapore, I decided that I should challenge myself to take on something different to increase my exposure; I am really grateful that I made this choice!

8 courses, a total of 15 assignments over 14 weeks for the whole MBA II course were indeed a real challenge for me.

We have no time to waste – project meetings, late nights and burned weekends were my constant companions for the last couple of months but it was also through all these projects that I became stronger as an individual at the end of the day. I learnt to better control my stress while juggling between the never-ending work, but yet always gave myself well-deserved free time by whipping up my favourite Asian meals and taking a walk to the lake near my off-campus accommodation.

MBA in Marketing class
One of Jezebel’s favourite spots for a bit of ‘me time’

In the course of my program, I fell in love with the different modules. I especially loved the practical lesson of E-marketing, conducted in the beautiful room 410 (although it means having to climb up the torturous flight of stairs) coupled with the dynamic class setting by Professor Hodgson.

Consumer behavior offered me different insights on how the market setting is being positioned now. Rather than saying that my best take away is “You are what you consume”, I would say that my favorite quote after the class is “it depends”, which is always the perfect answer to Professor Marshall’s questions in class. While it might sound just like words, I interpret the deeper meaning as having two sides of the coin to any situation and hence,

 in the world of marketing, there is no hard and fast rules to follow. It all boils down to letting your creativity lead the way.

Then we have Dr. Remy telling us the importance of “Branding”, which is basically what the world is like today. We live in a world of brands! While branding might sound a simple term, we are constantly exposed to the different dimensions of it and it’s fascinating to learn how all the pieces work together to create value for a brand.

I would like to thanks my marketing professors for their constant motivation over the course as well as the entire group of marketing classmates for always making the classes interesting!

Jezebel MBA MKT1
MBA II Marketing Class with Dr. Marshall
Jezebel MBA MKT2
MBA II Marketing Class with Dr. Hodgson
MBA in Marketing class
MBA II Marketing Class with Dr. Remy

I would like to end this post with a recent interview I had where the interviewer commented:
“ To leave Singapore and travel all the way to Switzerland for the hotel management school, you must have been very passionate about our industry”.

With all this interesting knowledge that I now have with me, I believe I am ready to step into the vibrant hospitality industry to pursue my passion. What about you?

Jezebel Khoo Yin Xue


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