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20 Apr 2015 | by Arkadiya


The Student Social Committee (SSC) in its present form was officially launched in 2001, primarily as a fundraising organization, run by the students, to raise money for their graduation party.  Student blogger Arkadiya interviews Campus Director, Clive Taylor, and SCC President, Tristan Bland.

All the positions of the Committee are applied to by motivated students, who are then elected by all the graduating classes of the school from all programs.

In this article I would like to give you a very personal insight to what our SSC is all about through an interview with this semester’s President of SSC, Tristan Bland, currently on his last semester of the Bachelor of Business Administration with specialization in Entrepreneurship.

Tristan, what is SSC for you? Tristan

For me the SSC is more than just something that creates parties – it’s about giving the students the chance to enjoy themselves.

The team this semester is great and I believe we have become an excellent cohesive unit.

Since when have you have been a member of SSC?

I have taken part in the SSC three times during my studies at Les Roches. I started as Head of Charity and instigated the introduction of Red Nose Day in 2013.

What do you like the most about SSC?

I enjoy the planning of events and implementing them successfully. Seeing a group of students pull together to create a fantastic event that everyone enjoys is just an amazing feeling!

Tell us a little bit about SSC hierarchy and organizational structure? What are your personal responsibilities in the team?

As the President of the SSC I’m responsible for all the events, making sure all the planning and organization is in place and also that the events run smoothly. There are also heads of departments who take care of the finer details, such as ordering the inventory for the bars, making sure the decorations are all made, the marketing is done and that the numbers all add up!

What are the activities your team is involved in?

So far, we have had a number of activities such as mufti days (themed dress up days), Red Nose Day and parties in both the lobby and the Café du Village. These events vary, from smaller and somewhat easier events to the larger events in the lobby where over 250 can be facilitated for.

What is the best memory you have from your SSC experience?

The best memory for me this semester was during our main fundraising event in the lobby this March. It was so satisfying to see everyone enjoying themselves and witnessing what a huge success the party was.  I’ve also really enjoyed the opportunity to work with everyone in the team and to get to know them better – we managed to fit in a team dinner in the local burger restaurant which was a great chance to unwind and reminisce over our work this term.


Mr. Taylor, when and how was the first SSC team organized? Has the SSC team been an important part of every semester since then?

The very first Student Social ComClive Taylor Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Campus Directormittee was formed in January 2002.  I arrived at the school in August 2001.  At that time, there was no SSC but a ‘Management Committee’.  This was a group of students from the Hotel Operations 3 program (currently BBA4).  The tradition of the school, since 1982, was that the graduating class would formulate a ‘management committee’ to organize events and raise funds for their graduation.

At that time, only the Diploma program had a graduation ceremony. Please be aware that the BBA program did not begin until the middle of the 1990’s!  Therefore, after 2000, it became obvious that we needed to reorganize the committee due to the additional programs.

The MBA program started in 2002!  Consequently, the Student Social Committee was formed in January 2002.  The first President was a HO3 student from Chile called Janan Knust. He is now a very successful business man.

To answer the second part of your question, every semester the SSC plays a very important part in the life of Les Roches. The students organize valuable and important events for the student body. The aim is to organize enjoyable events and a result of this, raise funds for the BBA; BSc; PGD and MBA graduations.

How did the SSC activities changed throughout the years?

The basis remains the same.  However, due to the different character’s involved, each SSC has its own ‘twist’ on the semester. This is exactly what makes the SSC very, very special!

What would you perceive to be the most important benefit of having SSC team on campus?

The most important benefit of having the SSC team on campus is that it creates a bond with all of the students and indeed the larger school community. 

It is important that in a community such as Les Roches, we find time to relax and enjoy each other’s company, culture and experiences in a social environment.

I’d like to thank Tristan and Mr Taylor once again for the great interview. Furthermore, I could only add that from my point of view,

the SSC can really be considered as one of the main reflectors of ‘Les Roches Way of Life’, as it is completely driven by the students’ personal motivation, dedication and entrepreneurial thinking.

Moreover, it is a great chance of trying yourself in a Head of Department role in a real world environment, e.g. managing marketing campaigns to promote current events to the fellow students and faculty members, monitoring events and offering creative ideas for decorations and Mufti Days, and much more… Are you currently studying in Les Roches? Join us and find out yourself what we mean!

For any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at I look forward to hearing from you!



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