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The perfect pairing: Iphone app and wine

25 Mar 2014 | by Les Roches


LRB_Ambassadors_2013-2-7916Whilst studying at Les Roches, Edouard Kourani (Class of 2013) developed a passion for wine and champagne.

Edouard took extra classes and participated in wine tasting events and championships during his time in Switzerland.  When he graduated in 2013, he linked up with his high school friend Elie Gebran of ‘Gebran Apps’, to create an Iphone application for wine.

So, where do you begin when you want to create an app for something that is both complex and simple, the preserve of both the elite and the people, the subject of academic treaties and supermarket description?

Fortunately, entrepreneurialism at Les Roches flows like a good wine itself. Students are constantly creating new ideas for products, and starting to market and sell them, even during the course of their studies.

Edouard was surrounded by this vibe. The biggest starting point to making any dream a reality is having the opportunities to meet the right people and get the right sort of knowledge.

‘Les Roches gave me the opportunity to interact with professionals in the field, such as Chef Bezzi, Mr. Hodgson and Mr. de Vulpilliere, which helped me with the concept of the app and helped me design part of the application. Once you know the right people, your battle is already half won.’

The process was fairly straightforward, though entailed quite a number of brainstorming sessions. Edouard and Elie settled on the idea of creating an app which would offer information on more than 140 different wines that are available internationally.  The app comes up with the ideal wine based on information about the climate, audience, occasion, food and budget.

Edouard explains how it works:WINE app created by Les Roches alumnus

‘By clicking on the Button ‘Help me find my wine’, you will have access to a set of questions. After answering all of them the application will recommend you the ideal wine that matches with all your answer.

For example if you have a nice new Zealand spring lamb, on a cold winter’s day with some friends that love wine, you can click on ‘help me find my wine’, you answer ‘cool’ for the climate question, ‘Gathering with friends’ for the occasion question, ‘they know about wine’ for the audience question, ‘Red meat’ for the food question, finally decide on a budget and the application will recommend you a wine that suits with your answers.’

But what if you have both meat and fish, such as what the Americans call ‘surf and turf’?

The app is not set up to cope with this degree of culinary confusion.  ‘It would be better in that case to select ‘I am not eating.’’ Concludes Edouard
Edouard and Elie plan to add features, such as tutorials on how to open and serve wines properly, and trade wine on the application.

At the moment, the app is free and can be downloaded on here:

In the future Eduardo plans to create user accounts and allow the user to buy wine in one click, increase the inventory and customize the choice of wine according to the location of the user.

Watch this space for more wine updates.  Better still, interact in it.
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