The Iconic Hotel P’tit Paradis Welcomes New Managers

14 Dec 2017 | by Akila Waka


Le P’tit Paradis has a long and close relationship with Les Roches. It has been a much-loved hangout for students, staff and alumni for decades, offering delicious food, beautiful rooms and a traditional Swiss experience. Now it has been taken over by Glion alumna Sara Bonda who, alongside her mother, is ready to continue its place as a beloved part of Les Roches life.

Starting life in 1949 as a grocery store and coffee shop, Le P’tit Paradis soon grew into a much larger establishment. Now a family hotel and guest house, Sara believes it offers an experience that’s personal as well as practical. “We try to host each guest as a family member, and offer a traditional experience in a typical Swiss village,” she said. “In the restaurant, we work mainly with local providers to offer a variety of typical Swiss dishes and wines.”

Taking over Le P’tit Paradis is a big challenge for Sara and her mother, but one she is ready for.

Le P’tit can bring together locals, tourists and students, with each of them coming from a different culture and education,

she said. “Our main purpose is to welcome everyone and make Le P’tit a place of reunion. We must respect the history of the house, in memory of those who built the establishment.”

The hotel’s close ties with Les Roches is something Sara is very aware of, having studied at Glion herself. “As a Glion student, I remember coming over to Le P’tit Paradis and having some drinks with friends,” she said. Taking it over, though, was a decision made by Sara’s mother. “She decided to leave her job in the luxury industry and try something smaller, something with a family spirit,” Sara explained. “As a new mother myself, my mother made me understand that no big company will pay me enough for the time I’m away from my family.”

For the future, Sara wants Le P’tit Paradis to continue being a central hub for students. “We hope we continue being a source of integration for each student,” she said. “We would like every customer to feel welcome and fondly remember the times they spent at Les Roches.”

Akila Waka


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