The Global Degree: Students’ best memories from China

24 Jun 2016 | by Les Roches


Currently finishing the fifth semester of the Global Bachelor Program, we have been through many stages of life together. As a reminder to all of us, each member of my class has come forward with one of their memories regarding their time in Shanghai, China. They are as follows:

1. “During our cultural trip when we visited the Spring Temple Buddha, I had a baby boy urinate on my foot, and I only noticed very late. Even though this doesn’t seem like a very nice memory, it is something that will definitely stand out, and I will always be able to look back and laugh. I have attached a picture of the Spring Temple Buddha for you to see.”

Cristina Ayoub, from Lebanon

Spring temple budha_China_Les Roches global degree
2. “For me, it’s when a couple of my classmates and I traveled to the Philippines during our midterm holidays. Although this wasn’t in China, it is a great memory from that time because it included spending quality time with my classmates and friends outside of the classroom environment.”

Jimena Rava, from Argentina

Philippines_les roches global degree

3. “Going to the city and spending my days walking around and shopping with my friends. I also loved that we had the ability to go to different restaurants and have food from all over the world in this international city.”

Ruby Horny, from Belgium

4. “The fondest memory I have of Shanghai is of my 19th birthday, which we spent in one of the lounges/clubs. This was really nice because I had my classmates with me and also friends that I had made in Les Roches Jin Jiang and it was just a great night spent together.”

Riccardo di Biase, from Italy

5. “When I traveled to Tokyo for one week. Being just a few hours away, it was very convenient and easy to plan a trip to Japan. I had the opportunity to go to different cities and experience yet another completely different culture.”

Ana Luiza de Assis, from Brazil

Image 3_Tokio_Ana Luiza de Assis

6. “The opportunity to eat street food in Fengxian (the area where the campus is located in) almost everyday, especially a local soup place that was like the subway of soups. We could choose our own ingredients for the soup and the lady would prepare it for us. This was really nice because we also got to practice our Mandarin with the owner of the store, as every time we left the store we would tell her ‘hen hao chi,’ which means ‘it was very delicious.’

I also loved the luxury of being able to have dinners with professors from the school as they lived in the same area as us. It was really nice because we got to know them at a personal level rather than just in the classroom. You can see in the first 3 pictures how we picked our ingredients, and then they transform into the soup, and in the last picture we are all at dinner with one of our professors.”

Carolina Lopez, from Panama

Image 7_Carolina Lopez

7. “When I visited the local amusement park with my cousin Riccardo. It was very fun as we got to ride on different roller coasters and it made us take our mind off of school work.”

Gabriel Pascucci, from Italy

8. “The Cultural Day that the school set up. It was great because it really showed the unity of the school and how everyone was working together in one kitchen to prepare their dishes for their stands. It was also great because although we were the only two Ukranians in the school, we were still able to get support from people from other cultures and countries who volunteered to help us put forward our country and our culture. This really showed me how united this school is, and it was amazing to see and be a part of it.”

Dariya Yeryomenko, from Ukrania

Les Roches Jin Jiang Cultural Night

9.The class Christmas dinner we organized. Because in China they do not celebrate Christmas, we did not have holidays to go back home, so we decided to organize a class dinner for all of us. This was amazing because we got together and spent Christmas with our family away from home. Our class is not just a class but one family and this was really shown during this dinner.”

Reni Kozareva, from Bulgaria

10. “The best part of China was when we were assigned a project in our Bar and Beverage class to go around Shanghai and visit different bars and analyze their menus and the quality of service and ambiance. It was great because we had the opportunity to put what we learn in class into practice immediately, and with Shanghai being such a big city filled with people from all over the world, there were many great options to choose from.”

Mara Schmid, from Germany

11. “My best memory would definitely be when my dad came and visited me in Shanghai and I got to show him around as if it were my own city. It was a great time because I was able to re-live all my previous memories and also explore the city further with my dad. I leave you with some selfies we took around the city.”

Rod Vafaee, from Dubai

Shanghai Les Roches Global degree student

Les Roches


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