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The Future of Hospitality Entrepreneurship, Trend #4: Demand for Short-Term Rentals Grows Beyond Airbnb

2 May 2017 | by Les Roches


As we saw in Chasing the Airbnb Economy, the hugely successful rise of Airbnb has inspired many new startups to launch in the accommodation-sharing sphere. Thanks to this growth, entrepreneurs have more business opportunities — and travelers more short-term rental options.


Niche Rental Platforms Offer Travelers Personalized Experiences

Not quite hotel, not quite Airbnb: Around the world, many travelers are skipping hotels and choosing holiday homes instead. And while Airbnb may have made this option popular among a new generation of travelers, the accommodation-sharing giant is no longer the only option.

Today’s travelers can choose from a range of short-term rental platforms catering to their preferences and needs. Here are just a few examples:

  • Not having a phone can be some people’s idea of terror, but Getaway understands that some guests need to disconnect. This company rents out tiny houses hidden in the woods, and one of their amenities is a “cell phone lockbox.”

  • On the other hand, sometimes being connected — and having all the right equipment — is the priority. Resi (short for “residential”) ensures that business travelers have everything they need to work in their home away from home.
  • High-end travelers can enjoy a luxury hospitality experience with onefinestay, now part of AccorHotels. This company offers the privacy of luxury apartments along with the human touch of personal concierge services.

  • And Oasis handpicks attractive homes in hot destinations while giving guests exclusive to local gyms, member-only clubs and more.


Accommodation-Sharing Hosts Seek Smart Solutions

A rise in short-term rental platforms also means more property hosts — many of whom are new to hospitality. To make the job easier, entrepreneurial companies are stepping in.

TurnKey helps vacation rental homeowners to promote their home, manage their property and grow revenue.
• Newbie hosts can navigate the complex world of property pricing across different channels with Wheelhouse.
• And BookingPal provides busy property owners with increased exposure and distribution management across multiple reservation platforms.

This 5-part series explores the key trends that are shaping the hospitality industry and creating opportunities for entrepreneurs. For a fuller analysis of these trends, see Les Roches and Skift’s joint report: “The Future of Hospitality Entrepreneurship.”

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